National Public Gas Agency

NPGA® provides wholesale natural gas to its member communities and other small and medium-sized participating communities that own their own natural gas systems. Through NPGA, participants benefit by pooling natural gas purchases together to achieve economies of scale and increase operational efficiency.


NPGA works with individual participants, small communities, members and non-members to develop a gas supply plan that fits the needs of each community. NPGA will identify the types of pricing that is best for each community and develop a plan to achieve optimal results.


NPGA Members

NPGA serves municipal utilities in communities of 150 to 11,000 people throughout Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Wyoming.
Colorado: Fort Morgan, Trinidad
Kansas: Auburn, Belleville
Nebraska: Alma, Central City, Falls City, Lyons, Pender, Stuart, Stromsburg, Superior, Wisner

Nebraska: Hastings, Nebraska City

Full-Requirements Participants:
Colorado: Walden, Walsenburg
Kansas: Havensville, Wetmore
Oklahoma: Keyes
Wyoming: Wyoming Dept. of Transportation

NPGA® members