NMPP Culture

NMPP Culture

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Our diverse team comes together behind a common goal -- serving our member communities.

Together we work hard, we laugh, we brainstorm, we use a lot of whiteboard markers and we take pride in the work we do for the communities we serve.

Together we grow. At NMPP Energy, we are dedicated to constant learning and we continue to grow each and every day. We also make sure to have fun while we're at it!

Working in the energy industry, we also take seriously our efforts to be as environmentally responsible as possible, whether it’s through our daily office routines or much bigger goals such as striving for a carbon neutral power resource portfolio by 2050.

The words used by employees to describe their work environment can reveal key insights into culture and employer brand.

The graphic shows the words most frequently used by NMPP Energy employees in response to a survey question: “What three words best describe your work environment?”


 Amber Degner  "A big focus at NMPP Energy is the company culture. This doesn't just involve how co-workers treat each other, but how
   we focus on serving our member communities as well. Staff is always available to answer a question or help
   with a project. I appreciate working for a company that values each employee and the skills that we each bring to the table."


   - Amber Degner, Office Support Specialist

Van Luu   “It’s great coming to work every day knowing that the work we do matters. The people at NMPP Energy are great to work with and
   senior leadership truly cares about the health and well-being of their employees.”


   - Van Luu, Settlements/Markets Analyst

Tim Cerveny mug shot   "You will never work for a company where the direction is more clear: serve our communities and do what's best for them.
   That not only includes direct action to assist them, but also helping co-workers to ensure they have what
   they need to do the same."


   - Tim Cerveny, Manager of resources & transmission

Gen Li mugshot   "I wasn't aware of the great company culture when I started at NMPP energy. People around me
   are so friendly and easy to work with. People care for each other
   and there is always someone willing to help when I need it."


   - Gen Li, Load forecast & planning specialist



We Are...


Every decision we make is in the best interest of our Members. We encourage Member engagement on Boards and Committees. And, we equip our Members with the resources to be effective leaders within our organization and in their communities.


We offer outstanding service to our internal customers (co-workers) and our external customers (Members, vendors, etc.). New product offerings are developed to enhance existing services and create additional value propositions for our Members.


We continue to pursue financial strength and ensure the sustainability of our business model. Every day, we come into work and ask ourselves: “How can I do what I do more efficiently and cost effectively without sacrificing quality to our Members?”


We pursue professional ethics in all our dealings internally and externally. We treat others how we wish to be treated. At every opportunity, we do what is expected of us and then just a little bit more. We are compliant with legal and regulatory matters.


We value a work/life balance and foster a healthy “family oriented” environment in the workplace. Our Staff’s well-being is a high priority. We provide education and training to develop our workforce. Staff is asked to take a proactive role in seeking professional training opportunities. We break down any silos existing in our organization. Our goal is to become and remain industry experts in our respective fields.