MEAN - Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska

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The Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN) is one of four organizations that make up the NMPP Energy Coalition. MEAN is a not-for-profit organization that provides wholesale electricity supply and services to 69 participating communities in four states. MEAN provides the following services to its communities:

  • Wholesale electric supply
  • Electric distribution services program 
  • Electric related audits 
  • Energy efficiency program
  • Distributed generation assistance

All members of the NMPP Energy coalition also have access to services provided by NMPP services. These are affordable, high-impact services including: 

  • Utility rate services
  • Regulatory and environmental assistance services
  • Electric distribution services 
  • Education services
  • Utility & business management software
  • Customer relations services
  • Mutual aid program
  • Scholarships
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Financial planning