About NMPP Energy


At NMPP Energy, our power is in our people. We are a coalition of four organizations serving communities in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions. We bring together energy professionals with similar needs to create a synergy of support and resources. We help municipalities ensure responsible, safe, continuous quality service to those who depend on them. Through an efficient framework of services and support, we empower the people responsible for ensuring energy is always available and affordable. 

For utility professionals across the region, the combined experience and knowledge of NMPP Energy staff and members are at your service. For nearly a half-century, NMPP Energy has combined the skills, resources and access to expertise that municipalities need to support Americans across Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wyoming. If your community looks to you for energy leadership, amplify your service with NMPP Energy.

NMPP Energy organizations include:

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Nebraska Municipal Power Pool (NMPP): Municipal Utility Advocacy

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Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN): Wholesale Electricity and Services

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National Public Gas Agency (NPGA): Wholesale Natural Gas

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Public Alliance for Community Energy (ACE): Retail Natural Gas