NMPP Members Council approves amending Articles of Incorporation

The Nebraska Municipal Power Pool (NMPP) Members Council approved amending the NMPP Articles of Incorporation as part of an NMPP modernization initiative through a ballot vote in December with a 95 percent approval rate.

The initiative streamlines NMPP’s governance structure and transitions several services to the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN).

Voting ballots were mailed to NMPP Members Council representatives in late November with ballots due back by Dec. 27, 2023. The Members Council ballot vote was required to change NMPP’s Articles of Incorporation.

The final steps of the modernization initiative include distributing funds from the NMPP Energy Research and Development Fund (ERDF) to NMPP member and associate member communities (as of Nov. 2, 2023) in the form of a grant and filing NMPP’s new Articles of Incorporation with the Nebraska Secretary of State, which is likely to occur in January.

NMPP continues to exist to provide support for the other three NMPP Energy organizations (MEAN, NPGA and ACE), as well as legislative advocacy, networking opportunities and coordination of activities that benefit municipalities.

NMPP will still have the capability to provide a service if that service cannot be performed by one of the other NMPP Energy organizations. Prior to the Members Council vote, the NMPP Board in November 2023 recommended the following actions regarding the initiative, pending Members Council approval:

  • Terminate membership in the organization, making NMPP a memberless organization with no collection of annual member dues; and
  • Eliminate the NMPP Members Council and change the composition of the Board from 16 members to nine members comprised of officers of the other three NMPP Energy organizations.

The Board also approved using the ERDF funds to make automatic grants to all NMPP member communities for the 2023-24 fiscal year.

For any questions regarding the finalized modernization initiative or NMPP’s new role in the NMPP Energy coalition of organizations, please contact NMPP Energy General Counsel Michelle Lepin, mlepin@nmppenergy.org.