2019 Typical Bill Survey is completed

February 12, 2020

The Nebraska Municipal Power Pool (NMPP) recently completed its annual Typical Bill Survey for participating utilities from around the region, including members and non-members.

This is the 36th year NMPP has conducted the survey, which includes electric, water and wastewater retail rates. There were 154 utilities participating this year from around the region, including NMPP members and non-members. Participants provided billing information for rates effective through December 2019.

The electric survey results are arranged by Rate Service Classes. The typical bills include the appropriate "Production/Energy Cost Adjustment" (PCA/ECA) and Franchise Fee, when applicable.

The composite statistics presented reflect ranking of typical bills by utility for each rate service class and usage level.

The survey includes an alphabetical listing by utility and their membership affiliation. The survey is prepared by NMPP's Engineering Services staff.

Electronic copies of the survey were emailed to participating utilities. Hard copies of the survey are available for $16 for NMPP Members $25 for non-members. Contact Thanh Le at (402) 473-8244 or tle@nmppenergy.org.