Electric Line Worker 1st Class (Nebraska City, Neb.)

Nebraska City, Neb.

Nebraska City Utilities has an opening for a Electric Line Worker 1st Class.

Required Testing:

Applicant will be required to perform and pass a pre-determined strength test to insure said applicant has the physical stamina to perform the job duties reflecting the job description.  The Strength Test will be approved by the Nebraska City Utilities and administered by an approved contracted firm of the Nebraska City Utilities.

Applicant must submit to drug testing prior to employment, and all random testing thereafter, as required, according to the Nebraska City Utility employee guidelines.  All testing will be approved by the Nebraska City Utilities and administered by an approved contracted firm of the Nebraska City Utilities.

Applicant must have or able to obtain a Class A Commercial Drivers License with a minimum O restriction from the State of Nebraska.

Applicant will be required to attain credentials for pole climbing certification administered by the Nebraska City Utilities.

Applicant will be required to comply with residency requirements.


Under direct supervision employee will use skilled training and knowledge to progress to the development of Lead Lineman 1st Class while assisting other utility workers in the construction, maintenance and building of the distribution system. This person usually works under the direct supervision of the electric line foreman.  In the absence of a foreman this person will be expected to lead crew and demonstrate leadership qualities to perform safe and quality work practices.


Capable of performing all phases of ground level and overhead work required in construction, of poles, structures, or sub-stations, and to include, the maintenance of overhead and underground power lines; example of descriptive duties, but not limited to, assists in setting poles and anchors, hanging transformers, line equipment and material, installing ground rods and making  connections; loading and unloading poles, transformers, equipment and materials; shoveling and tamping dirt; maintain inventory of materials, tools, and supplies for trucks and equipment; responsible for maintaining accurate records, as deemed necessary, to provide pertinent information for servicing and repairs of said vehicles, equipment, and tools; will be responsible for some minor mechanical service work and will assist in repairs as necessary to provide for safety of personnel, and maintaining good working condition of trucks, equipment, and tools; will assist with preparing work materials,  retiring and restocking of materials; will assist with snow removal, landscaping,  cleaning,  and general maintenance of all utility properties; under direction of supervisor will perform equipment operators tasks of operating digger/derrick, aerial units, trucks, backhoe, trencher, boring machine, stringing trailers,  skid loader, brush chipper and other equipment; will patrol distribution lines and report any undesirable conditions; willing to trim trees and brush for clearances; will assist service department, including connects and disconnects, meter changes, street lighting, and ability to  handle  all testing and locating equipment.


Assist in performing tasks for gas, water, and other departments or any other duties as assigned.


In depth knowledge of the theory of electricity is required; the basic knowledge of applicable equipment and tools; paperwork procedures and safety practices including CPR certification, AED training, pole top, aerial bucket rescue, and resuscitation; ability to troubleshoot, familiarity of equipment faults; ability to apply system procedures.  Under supervision will help install overhead and underground transformers and make proper connections, will install electrical devices for aiding and protection purposes. May make secondary and primary connections as per instructed.  May receive authorization to energize and de-energize lines as per instructed. The ability to follow detailed instruction, perform manual labor, effectively communicate with the public and co-workers, and the will to assert yourself with motivation to create a healthy work environment will be essential. Advancement to this position will only be possible with the direct recommendation of the foreman and supervisor. This position will require individual to be able to perform all work duties while demonstrating the ability to communicate effectively with management, co-workers, trainees, and the public.


This position requires any combination of training and experience that provides the needed knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the required work.


Job duties are mostly performed outside and may be subject to inclement weather.  Some tasks may involve electrical hazards.  Normal workweek is 40 hours per week; however, on call work is required as necessary.  Employee will be required to dress and conduct his/her manners to reflect positively on the City of Nebraska City and the Nebraska City Utilities.

Applications can be completed through Nebraska City Utilities website.