Utility Superintendent

City of Red Cloud, Neb.

This is a supervisory position for overseeing the street, electric, water, sewer, parks. Checks to make sure municipal-owned utilities remain in operational condition; schedules and assigns work to subordinates; supervises and works with employees in electric, water, sewer, street, parks, cemetery and landfill operations; ensures tests at the wastewater and water plants are properly conducted in accordance with State and Federal regulations; performs and oversees preventive maintenance and repairs at the wastewater and water plants as well as on all public works equipment; oversees maintenance and repairs of streets in terms of snow removal, sign placement and construction and repair of streets; monitors and maintains all water and sewer lines; directs the use and operation of the landfill; ensures compliance of the landfill as required by the Department of Environmental Control; performs other duties as required. For an application, call the City Office at (402) 746-2215 or email City Clerk Maddy O’Tool  citymaddy@gpcom.net or come into the Office at 540 N, Webster St., Red Cloud, NE 68970.