Nebraska Municipal Power Pool

The Nebraska Municipal Power Pool (NMPP) is the service organization of NMPP Energy. It provides services to nearly 200 member municipalities in a variety of energy and management areas. NMPP was formed in 1975 by 19 communities who worked together to achieve bargaining strength in the power industry.


NMPP is dedicated to enhancing local control, ensuring economic stability and guarding public ownership. Our members work together, using creative ways to find solutions. They know they can count on each other as well as NMPP's staff to achieve their goals.

NMPP Members

NMPP Energy serves municipal utilities in communities of 200 to 200,000 people through out Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wyoming, .



NMPP Services

The family of organizations of NMPP Energy offer many products and services to assist member communities. These products and services strengthen each member community's local advantage and add value to their community.

NMPP Services Categories