MEAN's Power Supply Portfolio

MEAN's power supply includes joint resource ownership and power purchase agreements with a diverse mix of resources around the region. In January 2020 the MEAN Board of Directors approved a resolution for a vision of achieving a carbon neutral power resource portfolio by 2050. Click here for more information.

Joint Ownership Generation

• Walter Scott Jr. Energy Center Unit 4 - Council Bluffs, Iowa
Laramie River Station - Wheatland, Wyo.
• Wygen I - Gillette, Wyo.
• Whelan Energy Center Unit 1 - Hastings, Neb.
• Whelan Energy Center Unit 2 - Hastings, Neb.

Renewable Resources

Ainsworth (Neb.) Wind Energy Facility
Wessington Springs Wind Energy Center -- Wessington Springs, S.D.
Elkhorn Ridge Wind Project -- Bloomfield, Neb.
Laredo Ridge Wind Project -- Petersburg, Neb.
• Crofton Bluffs Wind Project -- Crofton, Neb.
Kimball Wind Project -- Kimball, Neb.
• Landfill Gas Project -- Mitchellville, Iowa
• Shavano Falls Hydro Project -- Delta, Colo.
• Western Area Power Administration Hydro

Purchased Coal

Purchased Nuclear

Oil/Gas Participant Generation*

(*Participant generation is typically used as a stand-by resource for emergencies. MEAN purchases electricity from regional markets.)