Stuart's Bob Lockmon receives APPA award

June 08, 2020

Bob Lockmon, village superintendent for the Village of Stuart, Neb., received the Larry Hobart Seven Hats Award during the American Public Power Association’s Public Power Connect: Virtual Summit and Business Meeting in June.

The award recognizes managers of small utilities serving fewer than 2,500 meters. These managers have a very small staff and must assume multiple roles. The seven hats they must wear are: planning and design, administration, public relations, field supervision, accounting, human resources, and community leadership.

Lockmon became the Stuart village superintendent in 1996 and immediately hit the ground running with ideas to make Stuart better. He worked across many departments including the water and sewer utilities, street, parks and cemetery departments, and public building maintenance.

Bob has been the long-time representative for Stuart within the organizations of NMPP Energy. He keeps the council informed with what is happening at NMPP Energy and is open to suggestions and directions from the Village Board on how to keep Stuart at the forefront of addressing today’s issues. Bob works diligently with members of the community and his employees by quickly and efficiently coming up with solutions to improve the Stuart community.