ACE returning $400,000 to communities

March 01, 2020

ACE, the Public Alliance for Community Energy, is distributing $400,000 to its 75 member communities through ACE’s revenue return program.

Through the program, the ACE Board of Directors may vote to return revenue to its member communities. The board approved the distribution at its January board meeting. Since forming in 1998, not-for-profit and community-owned ACE has returned nearly $2.8 million back to its Nebraska member communities. The funds are used in various ways to benefit each ACE member community.

“The revenues returned to Nebraska communities are a reflection of consumers supporting ACE,” said Beth Ackland, director of gas operations for ACE. “Through the years, ACE has shown a great track record of providing competitive rates for natural gas while also returning revenue back to Nebraska communities. It is a win-win scenario for Nebraskans.”

Nebraska communities formed ACE to provide competitively priced natural gas while retaining local control and keeping more revenue in Nebraska’s ACE member communities.

ACE staff is currently signing up customers during a pre-enrollment period for the Nebraska Choice Gas program. The program’s traditional two-week selection period is set for April 10-23. Selections may be made online using ACE’s Web site ( Selection forms will be mailed out to all eligible customers prior to the start of the two-week selection period. More information about ACE and its role in the Nebraska Choice Gas program is online at