Public Alliance for Community Energy

The Public Alliance for Community Energy (ACE) is the retail natural gas supply organization of NMPP Energy. ACE was formed in 1998 by a group of communities to compete in the Choice Gas program. Visit the ACE Web site.

A not-for-profit natural gas supplier

As a not-for-profit supplier, revenue earned above the cost of operation may be returned to ACE communities by the board of directors. ACE is owned and controlled by its Nebraska member communities with each ACE member community having a representative on the ACE board.

ACE Members
ACE Members

ACE includes 75 member communities and one public power district serving more than 16,000 customers in Nebraska.

Keeping money in Nebraska

Now in its 20th year, ACE has returned more than $2 million to Nebraska communities through its revenue return program.

Competition & Advocacy

Through competition and advocacy, ACE works for the benefit of all gas customers, even those not participating in the Choice Gas program.

Cornerstones of ACE

ACE strives to achieve excellence in three key areas:

  • Commitment — ACE is committed to drive competition for the benefit of all Choice Gas consumers
  • Community — ACE is community-owned and locally controlled
  • Service — ACE strives to deliver service beyond expectations to its member communities and customers as well as serve as an advocate for the benefit of all consumers