Wall Lake, Iowa earns Project of the Year

March 27, 2018

NMPP Energy awarded the City of Wall Lake, Iowa, with a Project of the Year Award for its ongoing Electric Distribution System Rebuild Project at its 43rd Annual Meeting and Conference in Lincoln, Neb., March 27.

The award is presented annually to honor a project or program in an NMPP Energy member community that creates a more cohesive community, whether it is a project created for the entire community or one that makes it easier for city staff and employees to serve their customers. The City of Wall Lake participates in two NMPP Energy organizations: the Nebraska Municipal Power Pool (utility-related services) and the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (wholesale electricity supply).

The project, which began in June 2015, entails rebuilding the City’s electric distribution system and is scheduled to take approximately 10 years using Wall Lake City employees. By doing the project in-house, the City expects to save electric customers $1.2 million and $400,000 in labor and engineering costs over the life of the project. The project, projected to be complete in 2025, will increase electric system reliability and efficiency, saving the utility money. The utility plans the project in sections during winter and implements the plan each spring for the year.

Along with recognition at NMPP Energy’s Annual Meeting and Conference, the City received $200, which will be donated to a community project or program of its choice.