Call for awards: Help us highlight your successes

January 04, 2018

Each year, the NMPP Energy organizations honor outstanding municipal projects and individuals by presenting awards at the NMPP Energy Annual Conference in March. It’s an opportunity to recognize a few of the many positive works and dedicated people within the NMPP Energy community membership.

We need your help in shining a light on projects that benefit communities and on individuals who selflessly dedicate themselves for the benefit of others.

Consider nominating a municipal/community project and/or an individual for one of the awards to be presented at the NMPP Energy Annual Conference March 26-28 in Lincoln. A voluntary informal award selection committee of past award winners will select the winning nominations.

The three categories of awards are:

Bob Arraj Innovative Service Award (for NMPP member communities):

Recognizes an individual who demonstrates dedicated service and/or uses innovative technological changes in the utility industry.

Download the Bob Arraj Innovative Service Award application here.

Rudy Hultgren Dedicated Service Award (for MEAN member communities):

Awarded to an individual who displays commendable efforts in promoting public power and its ideals.

Download the Rudy Hultgren Dedicated Service Award application here.

Community Project of the Year (for all NMPP member communities):

This award, which can be awarded to multiple communities, recognizes projects or programs that create a more cohesive community, whether it’s a project created for the whole community or one that makes it easier for city staff to serve customers.

Download the Project of the Year award application here

Email Award Applications to Kara Hunt at by Feb. 15.