MEAN Governance Initiative Moves Forward

September 04, 2019

The Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska Board of Directors and Electrical Resources Pooling Agreement (ERPA) Management Committee at their quarterly joint meeting in August passed resolutions that transfers duties from the ERPA Management Committee to the MEAN Board of Directors as part of an ongoing MEAN governance restructure initiative.

The two-year transition process will ultimately phase out the role of the ERPA Management Committee, leaving the MEAN Board as the sole governance body of the organization. The MEAN Governance Review Committee, consisting of 19 representatives, has been working through the process of streamlining and simplifying MEAN’s governance structure after nearly four decades as an organization.

The ERPA Management Committee has existed alongside the MEAN Board since the formation of MEAN in 1981. The MEAN Board currently consists of 54 directors — one appointed by each of the municipalities/utilities that have joined MEAN’s charter. The 15 participant communities represented on the ERPA Management Committee but not on the MEAN Board can choose to take steps to join MEAN’s Charter and appoint a representative to the MEAN Board. No additional action is necessary for the 54 participants currently represented on the MEAN Board to retain their representation in MEAN’s governance.

In May the MEAN Board approved beginning the transition from a two-body governance structure to a single governing body. In June a letter was sent to MEAN Participants to give the required two-year notice to terminate the ERPA, effectively phasing out the Management Committee. Termination is set to take effect June 30, 2021. Certain policies and agreements will be updated, consolidated or terminated as needed at the MEAN Board level. Termination of the ERPA does not change any other agreements participants have with MEAN or any of the NMPP Energy entities.

Any questions regarding this initiative can be address to NMPP Energy General Counsel Chris Dibbern (800) 234-2595.