TEA, MEAN announce strategic partnership

May 13, 2019

 The Energy Authority (TEA) and the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN) are pleased to announce their new partnership, which started on April 1, 2019. TEA is providing MEAN with Portfolio Management, RTO Market Management & Trading, Bilateral Energy Trading, and Advanced Analytical services.  TEA’s public power ownership and shared values make the partnership a great fit for the communities MEAN serves.

As the country’s only public wholesale power supplier operating in three separate markets, MEAN encounters many challenges in an already complex, ever-changing industry. TEA’s breadth of knowledge helps MEAN navigate these complexities in an efficient and cost effective manner for their member communities.

“We take our mission to provide cost-effective energy to our Member communities very seriously.  Partnering with TEA allows us to achieve economies of scale that we could not achieve on our own. TEA understands the energy market, Joint Action Agencies, and our region, making them a tremendous fit with MEAN,” said Bob Poehling, President & CEO of MEAN.

“TEA is well-versed in the practice of helping their clients grow and evolve with the energy markets. We seek to serve utilities with whom we will be true strategic partners, and that certainly is the case with MEAN,” explained Joanie Teofilo, President & CEO of TEA. “We look forward to partnering with an already great organization.”

The Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN) is the not-for-profit wholesale electricity supply organization of NMPP Energy. Created in 1981, MEAN provides cost-based power supply, transmission and related services to 69 participating communities in four states: Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

The Energy Authority, Inc. is the strategic partner of choice for public power. Through the customized application of portfolio management, ISO/RTO trading, bilateral power trading, power supply management, and natural gas trading services, TEA is currently collaborating with over 50 public power utilities nationwide to help them optimize the value of their generation and load portfolio in wholesale energy markets in a manner that is consistent with each utility's unique risk tolerances. Established in 1997, TEA is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. TEA’s West Region Office, located in Bellevue, Washington, provides a full range of power and portfolio management services for public power utilities located in the Bonneville Power Authority balancing area as well as in the state of California. To learn more, visit www.teainc.org.