NMPP updates Customer-Owned Distributed Generation Resource Guide

January 03, 2018

The Nebraska Municipal Power Pool (NMPP) recently updated its Customer-Owned Generation Resource Guide which will be distributed to all wholesale electric Service Schedule M, K and J participants of the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN).

The booklet (formerly the Net Metering Booklet) is a valuable tool for communities as interest in customer-owned generation expands. NMPP’s goal for the booklet is to assist municipalities in this evolving area, but it should not completely replace local legal review of interconnection applications and guidelines.

NMPP will provide additional copies of the booklet to communities upon request at a cost of $75 per booklet to cover the cost of staff time and printing. For electronic copies of any documents referenced in the booklet, email Mandy Hansen, member service coordinator, at ahansen@nmppenergy.org.