MEAN joins SPP's Western Imbalance Energy Service

December 16, 2019

The Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska in December joined the Southwest Power Pool’s (SPP) Western Energy Imbalance Service Market (WEIS), which will balance electric generation and load regionally and in real time for participants in the Western Interconnection.

SPP will administer the market which is set to go live in February 2021. The market will centrally dispatch energy from participating resources throughout the region every five minutes. SPP will maintain reliability of the region’s transmission system and meet demand with the most cost-effective generation available.

MEAN has power resources and serves load to several member communities in the Western Interconnection. The decision to join the new market followed months of analysis and evaluation by staff and the MEAN Board of Directors.

“As the West was evaluating a market and other potential providers, MEAN has been supportive of SPP being the provider of choice due to its member-driven culture, where every member has a voice,” said MEAN Executive Director Bob Poehling. “As a current member of SPP, MEAN has seen the efficiencies that a market brings and looks forward to the benefits this will bring to the communities MEAN serves in Colorado, Western Nebraska and Wyoming.”

By becoming a market participant, MEAN joins several other utilities in the region and will have a voice in the market’s ongoing evolution.