NMPP Utility Training Sessions to start in January

December 05, 2019

The Nebraska Municipal Power Pool will hold its annual series of utility training sessions on a variety of topics at three different locations across Nebraska during late January and early March 2020. 

Locations include Lincoln, Broken Bow and Sidney in Nebraska and will include two, six-hour training sessions at each location. Each site will hold a session on safety training led by Kansas Municipal Utilities (KMU) and a vendor/in-house training session.

The in-house training topics will include:

  • 811 Diggers Hotline new rules, including how to use ITIC (electronically filing locates)
  • State electrical inspection - update on new rules on services
  • Equal Potential Personal Protection Grounding
  • Copper theft
  • CT Metering Testing

The KMU safety training topics will include:

  • Arc Flash Safety
  • Aerial Bucket Truck Safety
  • Safety Attitude
  • Tailgate Briefings and Situational Awareness
  • Rigging and Lifting Safety

The current 2020 training session schedule:

Lincoln, Neb.

  • Jan. 30 - Vendor/In-House Training
  • March 5 - Safety Training led by Kansas Municipal Utilities

Broken Bow, Neb.

  • Jan. 29 - Vendor/In-House Training
  • March 4 - Safety Training led by Kansas Municipal Utilities

Sidney, Neb.

  • Jan. 28 - Vendor/In-House Training
  • March 3 - Safety Training led by Kansas Municipal Utilities

All NMPP member utilities are eligible to attend the six-hour sessions. Cost is $500 per year with up to five attendees per participant community.

For more information or to register, contact:

Mandy Hansen, Supervisor of Member Services, (402) 473-8259, ahansen@nmppenergy.org
or Rich Eymann, Electric Dist. O&M Specialist, (402) 473-8207, reymann@nmppenergy.org